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Sitting in my camping chair, watching Youtube, I realized I’ve not written anything in a week.

I’ve not wanted to write, not because the words weren’t there. I’ve been in quite a bit of pain. My brain tumor decided on Monday to give me monster head and face pain. I can’t function in that state.

Today, I’m not in as much pain. My eyes and neck hurt, but I can function a little better. Fuck you, Hans. (Hans is the name of my brain tumor). My seizures have accomplished a terrific job of making my left side facial muscles cramp up. I’ve found Emu oil helps to “relax” said muscles.

Hmm. What have I done this week besides tackle pain? Laundry, working out, household chores. The hubby and I had our taxes done today. It wasn’t as bad as we’d feared. They’re done till next year. Next month comes to the car inspections, oil changes, tire rotations. We change our own oil and rotate our own tires. Saves us a butt load of money and we know it’s done.

I have been researching ways to apply for writing jobs that won’t suck my soul dry. How are some of you writing? Are you sending work to publishers? How do you even do that? Is it hard? Am I romanticizing a writing career?

Is Earth going to be sucked into a black hole? Questions.

While I was lying in bed with a heating pad on my face I was having all these thoughts about my current path. Every time I tried to talk myself out of writing as a career, I went right back to thinking about writing. Don’t know about you, but the universe is trying to tell me to keep going forward. Something will come out of my journey.

What steps do you recommend I take to further my writing career?

Questions. So many of ‘em.

Hang on, gotta use the restroom. Be right back.

Much better. Our toilet paper is so soft.

I purchased a bunch or several bunches of grapes at the grocery store on Tuesday. Today, I realized I’m the only one who eats them. My husband hates them. He’s coming on a little strong. It’s just a fruit.

Squirrels love grapes. I’m sharing my grapes with the squirrels, but not too many of them. I hate to waste food. I’m currently glancing outside between typing these words to see if a squirrel is eating a grape. God, I need a life.

My week:





Oh, thoughts of career things using my words.

That’s it, folks. I’m boring.

I write words. Nothing fancy. 📜

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The Pen and Paper Projekt 🇺🇦

I write words. Nothing fancy. 📜

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